Notable Contributions

This page is a nod to the past and the contributions people have made to club over the years.

1. Brian "Bill" Bowditch

Roles- Chairman, Player, Manager, Committee Member, Groundsman.

Bill was one of the founding members of this great club and over the years was the original driving force behind the start of Barnoldswick United. Bill was a good player in his own right playing firstly for Barlick Park Rovers before he and few good men decided to form a new club. He was instrumental in the club playing where they are today and had the foresight and bloody mindedness to make decisions on the size of the pitch. These decisions were crucial in the ground development over the years. It is fair to say Bill has been a massive influence on the club.

2. Ian Nutter

Nuts as he was affectionately known was key in the planning and development stage of the ground. As well as being part of the football club he was a big part of the cricket club. He was one of the best wicket keepers in the area for Barnoldswick CC. Ian was playing for Barnoldswick Town

3. Ian James

Roles- Manager, Chairman

Blue or Rubber as he's known to everyone at the club had his first stint at the club in the early 90's where he won the Craven Cup and finished runner up in the East Lancs first division. Blue spent a few years on sabbatical at Kelbrook before returning as third team manager then as the Chairman of the club. He oversaw the change from West Lancs to North West Counties Football and was a always a positive influence on the club behind the scenes.

4. Lynn James

Role- Secretary

Lynn first came to the club when Ian took the job as first team manager. But stayed when he left for pastures new. Lynn used to do everything, above and beyond the call of duty. Lynn was the epitome of organisation and always gave her all in the job and supported whichever managers were in charge at the time. She oversaw the change from East to West lancs to North West Counties and made the job look easy. With over 25 years of service she has been integral to the running and continuation of the club over them years.

5. Neil Berry

Role- Chairman

Neil was chairman for quite a few years and still frequents the Ground on some matchdays. Another who played a big part in the formation of the ground. Neil was the chairman when the club decided to go into the West Lancs league in 1997. Always forward in action and positive, He's been a big part in the growth of the club.

6. John Beswick

Role- Player, Manager, Groundsman Committee Member, Social Secretary

Bezzy is a much loved member of the club even though he lives in Spain. He's been involved since the beginning and care and detail he put into the pitch as groundsman was appreciated by the players who played on it. One half of the dynamic duo with best friend Alverley he has put countless hours into the club in whichever role he took on at the time.